Farmyard Friends

Our nursery is divided into many areas of learning and staff plan, prepare and implement a wide range of learning rich activities and experiences based around individual’s interests.

Children are also encouraged to choose their own play resources alongside accessing adult led activities. Children are offered regular snacks and drinks throughout the nursery day and enjoy tasting the results of our baking activities!

Below are examples of activities and experiences on offer:


Caring for nursery animals
Walks around the village and farm
Visits to the nearby beach
Extensive outdoor play activities and experiences
Nature walks with our 6 seater turtle bus
Sensory Play E.g. gloop, play dough, shaving foam, sand and water, clay
Music and dance
Stories, puppets and singing
Small world
Role play and Make believe play
Mark making
Baking and cooking
Gardening and growing
Early technology
Indoor and outdoor physical play